Experience one of the cleanest and most beautiful forests in the Kangwon province of the Korean Peninsula
Germanium48 water comes from the underground mineral water found in the mountains of the Kangwon province of Korea, which is one of the last remaining clean and unpolluted regions in Korea. Germanium48 water was found deep in the mountains and caves of the Kangwon province amongst vast and uninhabited nature. For thousands of years, it was deemed the water that god gifted the earth because of its mysterious healing properties. The mountain where the water was found was called the medicinal mountain because drinking its water became a vital source of curing illnesses in the area. Once word spread around that this mountain’s water had health benefits, many foreigners came to seek it out and to use it to recuperate.
Germanium48 sells for more than some of the other prestige bottled water brands out there. In China, Germanium48 is the water chosen to be served to distinguished individuals and guests as a sign of welcome and good hospitality. Our water has been tested all over the world
by professional chefs and water scientists for its superior taste and purity, not to mention Germanium48 spring water has a naturally high concentration of minerals, including germanium, which boasts many health advantages such as boosting your immune systems and supporting your bodily vital functions.