About Germanium48

Since 1994, Germanium48 has maintained our proud heritage of sourcing water from one of the cleanest and most beautiful forests in the Kangwon province of the Korean peninsula. As a brand, we have safeguarded the richness and the honor of the Korean bottled water industry. Yet, much of the public remains unaware of our work because much of our business have occurred through direct vendor-to-home deliveries and exports. Through our expanding ventures, we hope to continue our work in introducing our amazing products to the rest of you.

“We sincerely value and cherish our customers.”
We try our best to think about our business from the customer’s point of view. We don’t wish to cheapen our products through dramatic price slashing that undercuts our partners and the environment. We respect our environment and the precious resources it provides us, therefore, we prioritize sustainability and quality. In order to achieve the best possible quality of water, we also utilize various packaging methods such as double bottle caps and anti-counterfeit cap seals that warrant quality control.
Germanium48 believes in doing the right thing, even if it is difficult.
Our company mission is to create a better world through water. We believe that instead of solely pursuing profit, considering the health of a nation and of the world is a much more significant responsibility of ours. Therefore, Germanium48 embraces the difficulties to strive and to fulfill our calling. Our values of health and wellness have allowed us to build a strong and supportive relationship with our customers and vendors that is based on trust. We were awarded the iTQi Superior Taste Award and have continuously been acknowledged for our great product quality. In addition, Germanium48 funds and publishes scientific research on the health benefits of drinking water so that more people can incorporate a habit of drinking water.